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Out and about again!

Entertaining Mr Stone
Published by Paul · 24 July 2020
Tags: Gignews
It's been an unusual few months, to say the least. With the lockdown easing enough to let us rehearse in Steve's garden we've been working on some new songs, including a cover of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth. You probably didn't know that's what the song was called; I certainly didn't, because it's one of those songs that that simply exists in the ether, familiar but never really pinned down. Dave worked out it could be ripe for a cover, and you can hear the result in the lockdown performances we streamed live on Facebook,  which you'll also find on this site on the Tracks page. Each performance is about an hour, with little overlap in the material, so between them they give a pretty good flavour of the current repertoire.
Next weekend (2nd August) we'll take a further tentative step towards business as usual with an open air gig at the newly relaunched Oak, just down from Peasmarsh in Rye Foreign. It'll be a celebration of the new pub, and a chance to hear some of the new material in a real live performance, complete with social distancing, so come along and stay safe!
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