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We've launched our first EP, available from mid-December 2019! Entertaining Mr Stone … And Other Stories brings together four brand new tracks, including the band’s title anthem, and Santa, a song that’s more about Christmas than a Christmas song.
The EP’s available in CD format, with limited edition cover artwork by our keyboard player and celebrated artist/illustrator Dave McKean!
If you’d like a copy send us a mail via the contact page and we’ll sort out payment (£5 + p&p) and delivery details. Track samples below, just to whet your appetite … (and look below for some Youtube links to complete song videos!)
Entertaining Mr Stone EP cover
Entertaining Mr Stone
If this ain't heaven
We play mostly original songs, with a sound that’s hard to pin down in any particular genre. Steve Stone’s songwriting harks back to the 70s pub rock that bled into punk, and has that same energy, but where punk was angry Steve mostly sings of love and loss. Then layer on some country grooves, vocal influences from Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen, jazzier undertones from Dave’s keyboards, Celtic and East European overtones from Paul’s violin and you have a sound that’s as unique as it is entertaining.
So the easiest thing to do is just listen. Apart from the CD samples above the band recorded three demo tracks in late 2018 with Ashley Slater (Loose Tubes, Freak Power), set to video by Dave one winter’s afternoon in early 2019. Click on the images and enjoy!
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